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How did people think about the future in the past - and why does that matter now? This database gathers together material about science and technology published in popular magazines and newspapers from the UK and the USA throughout the long twentieth century. It shows how visions of future possibilities were made and remade, week by week, month by month, and year by year. You can browse by subject, by publication, or author. Some of the periodicals had circulations in the millions, others sold tens of thousands of copies. All had their own views about the ways in which science and technology were going to remake the future.

This is not a comprehensive database. It is a work in progress and we welcome your participation in its further development. If you have items from your own research that you think belong on this database then please feel free to add them using the  'contribute an item' link above.

You can comment on individual items using the comment form at the bottom of each page. Your comments will help other users by offering different perspectives on how the future was made in the past.

For copyright reasons we cannot feature the full text of articles within this database. Where possible we have offered links to other publications, or to sources where you can read the articles online.

This database was created by the Unsettling Scientific Stories project based at Aberystwyth University, the University of York and Newcastle University, and funded by the AHRC.