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The war in the air

A Rocky Mountain game trail

A mistake in the horoscope

'A mistake in the horoscope', Harpers

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A strike in the mines

'A strike in the mines', Harpers

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Forging America�s weapons of war

Mobilizing the women

Scientific management

Where glaciers feed the apple roots

How battles are fought to-day

Solving the problem of infant mortality

The infant prodigy of our industries

Psychiatry and the army

The advantages of being a baby elephant

'The advantages of being a baby elephant', Harpers

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To a logician

'To a logician', Harpers

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The park of the many glaciers

The psychology of a spy

Can democracy be efficient?

What is the matter with the American chemist?

The safe and useful aeroplane

The natural history of ice

If gasoline continues to rise

On the crest of the lost Atlantis

The origin of the species

'The origin of the species', Harpers

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The war against pneumonia

The psychology of shopping

Not an entomological text-book

'Not an entomological text-book', Harpers

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From �horseless carriage� to automobile

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