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A mistake in the horoscope

'A mistake in the horoscope', Harpers

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A Rocky Mountain game trail

A strike in the mines

'A strike in the mines', Harpers

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America goes back to work

Can democracy be efficient?

Forging America�s weapons of war

From �horseless carriage� to automobile

How battles are fought to-day

If gasoline continues to rise

Mobilizing the women

Not an entomological text-book

'Not an entomological text-book', Harpers

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On the crest of the lost Atlantis

Psychiatry and the army

Scientific management

Solving the problem of infant mortality

The advantages of being a baby elephant

'The advantages of being a baby elephant', Harpers

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The Industrial Workers of the World

The infant prodigy of our industries

The natural history of ice

The origin of the species

'The origin of the species', Harpers

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The park of the many glaciers

The psychology of a spy

The psychology of shopping

The safe and useful aeroplane

The war against pneumonia

The war in the air

To a logician

'To a logician', Harpers

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What is the matter with the American chemist?

Where glaciers feed the apple roots

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