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AUTOMATION: Conversational Computerese

'AUTOMATION: Conversational Computerese', TIME magazine

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Science: Shoebox Is Listening

'Science: Shoebox Is Listening', TIME magazine

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Automation: I Got My Job Through . . .

'Automation: I Got My Job Through . . .', TIME magazine

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Science: The Goof Button

'Science: The Goof Button', TIME magazine

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Automation: 1410 Is Watching

'Automation: 1410 Is Watching', TIME magazine

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Science: Resourceful Machine

'Science: Resourceful Machine', TIME magazine

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The Robot Revolution

'The Robot Revolution', TIME magazine

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Can Machines Think?

'Can Machines Think?', TIME magazine

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Android Rights

'Android Rights', TIME magazine

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The coming robot army

Loners Inc

Short Cuts


Technology and me


The computer and the professional



What computers can't do

The long battle between art and the machine

The chicken explosion

Automation takes over the pulpit

ERMA, the automatic banker

Autos Made-to-Order

What Is Automation?

'What Is Automation?', Colliers Weekly

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The Electronic Paul Revere

The bird and the machine

America's Next Twenty Years

Push-Button Farming Is Here

Electronics and human beings

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