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How the Planets are Weighed

'How the Planets are Weighed', McClure's

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The coming total eclipse of the sun

'The coming total eclipse of the sun', McClure's

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Casting a great lens: A new venutre in practical philanthropy

'Casting a great lens: A new venutre in practical philanthropy', McClure's

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What we know about Mars

'What we know about Mars', McClure's

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Autobiography of the stars

What the astronomers are doing

Photographing the nebulae with reflecting telescopes

Photographing the moon

The new problems of the universe

'The new problems of the universe', Harpers

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Photographing the star-clusters

The extent of the universe

Some Greek anticipations of modern science

'Some Greek anticipations of modern science', Harpers

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What is a comet?


Is the human race mortal?

The Frenchman in the moon

'The Frenchman in the moon', Harpers

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The origin of our moon

Different explanations of the canals of Mars

The pressure of light

The beginning of things

Sun spasms

The making of a great telescope

The path of stars

'The path of stars', Harpers

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The cycle of the eternal heavens

The planet Venus and its problems

The motion of the fixed stars

'The motion of the fixed stars', Harpers

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Sun-storms and the earth

Telescope man

The heavens through a spectroscope

Voices of the universe

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