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Tyrant nature

Kidnapping ants and their slaves

Insect commonwealths

Aeronautic spiders

Nature�s way

The daintiness of ants

The unfortunate birds of the night

'The unfortunate birds of the night', Harpers

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Hours with a crow

Insect herds and herders

The last barrier

A guild of carpenter-ants

Life in a bird rookery

The language of insects

A bit of natural history

On the disappointments and vicissitudes of mice

'On the disappointments and vicissitudes of mice', Harpers

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Huns of the air

On the beliefs and convictions of guinea-pigs

Solving the problem of the Arctic

Deer in the Berkshires

Bird intimacies

The animal comedy

The pleasures of a naturalist

Ape study and the crash in stocks


Two citizen crabs of Nonsuch

'Two citizen crabs of Nonsuch', Harpers

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Father of eight canaries

On being kept by a cat

Sea monsters and sharks at eye level

The bird and the machine

New frontiers of science

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