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Results of psychical research

The century�s progress in experimental psychology

Balloons in war

Man and the upper atmosphere

Fifty years of synthetic chemistry

'Fifty years of synthetic chemistry', Harpers

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Recreations in cartography

'Recreations in cartography', Harpers

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A charmed American war-ship

Newest definitions of electricity

'Newest definitions of electricity', Harpers

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Animal immortality

Terrestrial magnetism

The prevention of infectious diseases

On the chemical interpretation of life

The microbe as social reformer

The soil as a battle-ground

In praise of bridges


Some recent experiments in human conservation

Industrial research

The conservation of the fertility of soil

The real dry-farmer

American contributions to medical science

Among the salt-harvesters of the Caribbean

The submarine and the torpedo in the blockade of the Confederacy

The infant prodigy of our industries

The revival of antisepsis

The mind in the making (part II)

In one man�s life

Fruit of the earth

The Russia of to-morrow

The romance of the atom

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