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High space

God or gorilla

Life everlasting

Gambling with abortion

Bad medicine

As the world burns

Dope fiends

The year in electronic privacy

Aardwolves and fossas and kraits�oh my!

'Aardwolves and fossas and kraits�oh my!', Harpers

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Your Constitution is killing you

Yes, Virginia, there is a sodomy clause

'Yes, Virginia, there is a sodomy clause', Harpers

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America�s altered states

Violent certainties

The war on (some) drugs

Bad news for Britain

The day drugs came to Steinhatchee, Fla.

Mental cases

The box rebellion

Repealing the Enlightenment

On risk, ignorance, and oil

The gas price fixers

The sinking ark

Of mites and men

Running out of space

The return of the coyote

Scientists vs. animal lovers

The case for building 350 new towns

A doctor prescribes for the AMA

Whatever happened to the peaceful atom?

Try a seat belt

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