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The coming robot army

Gambling with abortion

The cow tipping point

Unraveling the DNA myth


Curbing nature�s paparazzi

They shoot monkeys, don�t they?

Atoning for nature photography

Violent certainties

A pro-life equation

Can an ape tell a joke? Learning from a Las Vegas orangutan act

Against PCs

Nuclear power�s Faustian bargain

Pro-life �abortion clinics�

Ethics on the nuclear battlefield

The ethical costs of health care

Mad about the bomb

Lives of the saints

The force of diagnosis

Of two minds about abortion

Advice to a young scientist

Moral blueprints

Bioethical questions

The subterranean world of the bomb

People and animals

Harvesting the dead

The future of American violence

The science jungle

What psychiatry can and cannot do

Radio and the Richards case

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