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Social hygiene

The boy who loved transit

In the ruins of the future

A nut and his squirrels

The fall of Superman near Bliss St. Station

Scenes from the crack wars

Urban philosopher

Aardwolves and fossas and kraits�oh my!

'Aardwolves and fossas and kraits�oh my!', Harpers

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The In-sink-erator comes to Gotham

'The In-sink-erator comes to Gotham', Harpers

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Your life with my dog

Research or racism?

The wild ways of nature

Be thou more sheltering

Teaching AIDS

The Middleton family at the New York World�s Fair

'The Middleton family at the New York World�s Fair', Harpers

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AIDS stories

II. The edge

Architecture as salon painting


The glass bead game


This way to infinity


The doctors meet the people

Reflections on reaching the age of 150

A living doll

The alternate-people plan

Report from a peevish pathologist

The biggest office building yet . . . worse luck

For bugs

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