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Social hygiene

The boy who loved transit

In the ruins of the future

Hour town

A nut and his squirrels

The fall of Superman near Bliss St. Station

Scenes from the crack wars

Urban philosopher

Aardwolves and fossas and kraits�oh my!

'Aardwolves and fossas and kraits�oh my!', Harpers

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A celebration of flies

Consuming nature

The In-sink-erator comes to Gotham

'The In-sink-erator comes to Gotham', Harpers

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Your life with my dog

The hum of bees

God versus G.E.

Research or racism?

The wild ways of nature

Imaginary architecture

Be thou more sheltering

Water treatment plant, Hempstead, Long Island

'Water treatment plant, Hempstead, Long Island', Harpers

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Teaching AIDS

The Middleton family at the New York World�s Fair

'The Middleton family at the New York World�s Fair', Harpers

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AIDS stories

II. The edge

Niagara power project

Architecture as salon painting


The soul of a new dessert

The glass bead game


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