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[The people at war

A close-up of polygamy

A Lapp fishing trip

A quest in the Himalayas

A romance of rust

Across Mongolia by motor-car

By air to the high plateau

Cocoon husking in Provence

Coming events, including the millennium


Endless summer of love. Goa


From moccasin to motor-car

Gary, Indiana

How to preserve an unspoiled wilderness

'How to preserve an unspoiled wilderness', Harpers

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Jockey club of the apocalypse

Jungle survival

Landscape with farmers

Lessons in living from the stone age

Let�s go

Life on the hoof

Matutum, the mountain of mystery

Men to match Japan�s mountains

'Men to match Japan�s mountains', Harpers

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My quest in the Arctic (first paper)

My quest in the Arctic (second paper)

On being an object

On the crest of the lost Atlantis

On the Indian railway

Rice and volcanoes

Russians like our planes

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