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A Cure by Aeroplnae

A dangerous doctor

A doctor prescribes for the AMA

A doctor to kings

A short history of cures

A universe of hospital patients

A week in the life of a hospital

'A week in the life of a hospital', TIME magazine

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Anatomy in Latex

'Anatomy in Latex', Colliers Weekly

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At the Wellcome

Bad medicine

Battling Diseases Around the World

'Battling Diseases Around the World', Colliers Weekly

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Bowling with Dr. Mengele

Calling on the doctor (a monologue)

'Calling on the doctor (a monologue)', Harpers

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Clinics: The Court of Last Resort

'Clinics: The Court of Last Resort', TIME magazine

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Death by erosion

Doctor in the Dock

Doctor, doctor

Doctors and Patients - Image vs. Reality

'Doctors and Patients - Image vs. Reality', TIME magazine

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Doctors Must Tell

'Doctors Must Tell', Colliers Weekly

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Doctors, economists, and the depression

Doctors: Brilliant & Fantastic

'Doctors: Brilliant & Fantastic', TIME magazine

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Doctors: Prescription for Travel

'Doctors: Prescription for Travel', TIME magazine

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Doctors: Wait & See

'Doctors: Wait & See', TIME magazine

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Due notice to the AMA

Edwy Peddie�scientific humanitarian

'Edwy Peddie�scientific humanitarian', Harpers

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Emma Rothschild writes about a new French book on the economics of illness

'Emma Rothschild writes about a new French book on the economics of illness', London Review of Books

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Experiment in health

Farm and Ringside.

Grenfell of the medical mission

Group practice in medicine

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