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�Damn the torpedoes!� The unsung heroes of our merchant marine

[Americans in battle�no. 7

[Americans in battle�no. 8

[The people at war

[The people at war

24 hours of a bomber pilot

Air age geography

Air power and future history

Airpower and gunnery

Barbed wire

Bombing cities won�t win the war

Britain�s strength in the air

Broadcasting the outbreak of war

Combat over Coventry

Corvette in action

Defense begins to hurt

Destroyer at work

Fighting machine

German planning for total war

Here come the ships

How the war maps are made

Hunger, hatred, and postwar Europe

Medical action at Pearl Harbor

Memoirs of a brainwasher

Men making bombers

Must a war economy be permanent?

Nerves in the war

On board the Bismarck

Our battle against the submarines

Our health in wartime

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